I’ve spent my whole night obsessing over how I feel like my apartment is a mess and cluttered. I kept thinking about a schedule I would like to keep to clean it and how I want to unclutter it. It has literally been giving me anxiety all night long but then it hit me.


My house is not perfect by any means but it’s not disgusting either. Life is to short to stress out over how clean my house is. I mean I have 3 cats, a teenager and a disabled husband, my house is pretty damn clean for me being the only one that cleans most of the time.

While I would like to eventually deep clean the apartment, I’m not gonna to stress about it. If I get around to it, I get around to it. I’m not going to break my back.


My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday this year and I really want a pink chromebook. Whilst I have an iPhone 5c and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, I miss having the full keyboard of a laptop. I don’t do a whole lot on the internet but tumblr and Facebook but I do plan on going back to school soon…

I think it would be a great investment.